Halloween wedding pumpkin ideas?
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Pumpkin ideas for a Halloween wedding reception.

My sis is getting married on Halloween. It is going to be a small reception, about 25 people, at a very neat and intimate cellar rental room at a Chicago steak house.

Though the wedding is on Halloween, we will not be dressing up or passing out candy, however I have been given pumpkin decorating permission. As the room is on the smaller side I am will be using mostly smaller pumpkins, with room in a couple of spots for larger ones (like the cake table).

What are some nice things I could carve into pumpkins fitting for a wedding? I was thinking things like the word LOVE, JOY, their initials, Just Married, etc. Other uses for small pumpkins would be appreciated too, such as using them on the table to hold seating name tags, or using as candle sticks, etc.

I also could use a couple suggestions for full size pumpkins. I was thinking they would be used as vase to hold flowers, or I could carve a bride and groom.

Thank You for any ideas.
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different heart designs seem obvious
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Simple lanterns (these ones are porcelain, but you get the idea) with abstract repeating patterns would be elegant and not Halloweeny. If you want to get really fancy/more personalized, you could do monograms.
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maybe too obvious. depending on the carving talent, you could carve a sillouette of a man/woman kissing (or woman/woman if that's the case)
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Take inspiration from Cinderella... make one big pumpkin into a chariot for a bride 'n groom cake topper... and have it be drawn by a flotilla of baby pumpkin "horses" to whom it's harnessed with orange and black ribbons.
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What about making some of these velvet pumpkins?
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Wedding bells seem like they might be an easy-ish thing to carve into a pumpkin.
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I picked up one of these last year at a kitchen store and it works perfectly to carve a hole in the top of mini pumpkins to hold tealights (under the assumption that your rental contract allows open flames).

Something to think about as well would be to pick up a few of the white pumpkins. They'll add a certain level of visual difference that is pleasing to the eye.
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Just remember one thing, the room probably won't be too dark. If you look at pics of pumpkins tat look really cool make sure it's not only because of the light contrast because that may not be as noticeable in your room.
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Also, Martha Stewart loves Halloween.

pumpkin vases
tiny lights inside pumpkins
another vase, large
pumpkin basket
very delicately carved ones
Pretty leaves carved in
To store drinks
How crazy are you?
cool sconces

And after all that, I still couldn't find the one I was looking for, which was someone had decoupaged pages of a book to the outside, with tiny holes through the inside. When lit, it was a book covered pumpkin glowing, and was very classy looking. (Though I think the one I'm thinking of had a raven on it and the pages were from Poe.) Could be done with meaningful pages from their lives, like love poems or such.

When you type pumpkin that often it starts to look weird...
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Drill holes all over and stick white string lights through. Cut through the bottom and leave the stem intact to scoop the seeds out.
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I've heard of pumpkins being used as punch bowls.
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I'll second the monograms being lovely and appropriate IF your sister is taking her husband's last name.

I though something like this couple might work, but it looks a bit too much to me now that I see it.
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How about a portrait pumpkin? (Scroll down to see a wedding example)
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At my grocery store they actually have white pumpkins. I'm not sure how much your sister is into the whole white wedding thing, but they would be a very nice touch if you could find them and were interested.
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