How do I make a costume out of a wedding dress?
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How can I turn a wedding dress into a Halloween costume without destroying the thing?

Okay, so it's not quite a wedding dress (it's a debutante dress, actually), but it's pretty, and conceivably could be used by someone for actual marriage so I don't necessarily want to smother it in fake blood. It has a pretty typical circle hem and straps.

That said, if someone has an amazing costume idea I'll drag the thing behind a freaking truck. I just feel like the "zombie bride" thing is a little bit done and am curious what else the hivemind has lurking in its recesses. The crazier the better.
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Probably too late for you to order a Boy Toy belt, but you could wear it as "bride" Madonna with the right accessories.
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Combine it with something like this and go as a freaky dino-alien-thing bride. Maybe carry a crazy bouquet? I suppose it's too late to order stuff online but you could probably come up with something comparable from your local costume shop.
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Don't forget to consider the likelihood that some drunk moron will pour a Solo-cupful of cheap beer down your front.
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Maybe stood-up bride? You could act all drunk and surly.

Although, if you're planning on getting married someday (assuming you're not), this may be a terrible jinx.
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Combine it with frilly socks, patent leather mary janes, a huge wig, and glitter spray for a toddler beauty pageant contestant?
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Or strap on some wings and go as a tooth fairy (with sack of "teeth") or angel (with halo).
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You could add a bunch of fake webs, make yourself look old, and be Miss Havisham.
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I had a wedding dress from a photo shoot that I ended up using for a costume. I decided to go as a Mormon - I wore the dress and had a cardboard sign that said "Will Marry for Sex". Of course, I was living in Utah at the time, so it made sense to the people there. Also, I'm an ex-Mormon, so I had the irony thing going. YMMV.
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A friend did a "white trash fairy godmother" with an 80s prom dress, ripped pantyhose-covered wings, sequined-flyswatter wand, car body primer-spotted tiara, hickey makeup, cigarette in her cleavage, some blacked-out teeth, big hair, etc., etc.
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How about a "mail order bride"? Just print out some 8x10 copies of a postage stamp and safety pin them the dress.
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Response by poster: @23skidoo I'm dying. The bride and prejudice thing is... just awesome.

Thanks for all the ideas, everyone!
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