Where can I give away my plants?
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Vancouver, BC Filter: I'm moving out of the country in 3 days. Help me find a place to donate my potted plants.

My google fu is failing me. I want to find a place to donate about 8-10 potted plants, as I can't take them with me, and have looked for senior centers, senior homes and the like that will take them, but have come up with nothing.

I wouldn't mind driving around a little in the GVRD if I find a place that will take them outside Vancouver. Does anyone have any recommendations for somewhere to donate well established and healthy potted plants?
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Best answer: Would they be able to live outside? For the last couple of years my partner has helped organize the Strathcona Community Garden plant sale. This year's has happened already, but they rely on plant donations. They may be able to take them, look after them, and sell them next year. Failing that, they might be able to hook you up with some people who would take them.
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I took mine into my workplace last time I moved. People were really happy to take them for their offices, and I felt good about leaving them as a "goodbye present".
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I'd drop by one of the community gardens and see if someone can "rescue" them for you.
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Put them on freecycle and craigslist! I've gotten some beautiful plants since I moved back to the States (my big plants stayed in Thailand) and I've been VERY grateful to have them.
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seconding Craigslist. i did that when i moved about 10 years ago in the middle of winter to a colder climate. the person who responded was a genuine plant lover and was thrilled and excited to take all the plants I had on offer.
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