How can I mount my cameras on the wall?
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I have the cameras, the frames and the space but how do I hang them the same way they did in this photo?

I really like this idea but I don't know how to do this. I think I got the photo from google so I can't even go back and check. I don't want to use any shelving unless its totally invisible on all sides and I don't want to damage the cameras. Any ideas that will work to keep them up there longterm? My brain is failing me.

I have no idea how to post a link but here's the photo:
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Fishing line and velcro strips.
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I would get some very, very discreet shelves like this one, which could only be seen from the bottom of the camera, and then paint the bottoms the same color as the camera to make them blend in.
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Note that in the article, the cameras are from eBay, thrift stores, and garage sales. The instructions for those velcro strips always say not to use them for things that are valuable or important to you, since I guess they can let go over time. If you need to keep the cameras safe, I'd go with something like a steel L-bracket, painted black, with a bolt coming up from the bottom that screws into the camera's tripod mount hole. That'll keep the cameras safe and secure with no modifications or damage, and the bracket is only 1/8" or so thick. You can put them into drywall with big toggle bolts or something similar - I've seen ones good for up to 100 lbs.

Also, WRT epo's dusting concern, those cans of compressed air for dusting computers would probably be perfect.
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I'd use fishing line attached to the frame itself, and then carefully wound around the objects to support them. With most of them, it looks like there are points where you could easily do so, and leave the thread mostly flat against the wall, keeping it more or less invisible.

The ones that have less obvious connection points, like the lower left corner, I'd consider using something like gaffer tape along the back holding down some metal ring that you could lace the fishing line through.

The line would be attached to the frames themselves which would allow you to distribute the object weight across a larger area and provide you with a place to use as much wall connectivity as needed. (for a heavy camera, like the middle row, far right, you could attach it to the frame, and mount the frame to the wall with two heavy duty hooks on either side, keeping the whole assembly invisible, but providing a lot of strength).
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And if there is any kind of wobble, you could put a tiny bit of poster putty between the camera and the wall to keep it from moving side to side on the line. It wouldn't be supporting it, but keeping it from moving laterally.
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I've actually thought of doing this for a long time without the frames with my unused collection.

If the cameras have tripod mounts and, you want to have them all facing outward (which is what I want to do) you could use L brackets mounted to the wall so the camera body hides the bracket, like a very thin mini shelf, with a 1/4 20 bolt going through the hole and, into the cameras tripod mount.
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Do your cameras all have hotshoes? You could use an L-Bracket filed down to fit in the shoe and it would be pretty discreet.

You could also use 3M command strips and just stick the cameras to the wall. My experience is they don't come off painted gyproc walls all that well without damage but any kind of hard surface on the camera should be fine. You can stick several together if you need more depth.

As for the frames: regular nails or screws and blind frame hangers would work fine.
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