How to send Gcal reminders to others?
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Help me remind forgetful students (i.e. parents) of weekly lesson. Google Calendar and Gmail in place. Now, how to get reminders sent to them automatically?

This question was asked before, in essence. It seems there was never a resolution back on 2009. I hope there is one now.

I give guitar lessons. I have my lesson calendar set up on Google Calendar. Each students lesson slot is a separate (repeating) event. I want to send a reminder email of the lesson time 24 hours before the lesson. I don't want parents to see the entire calendar, necessarily. I simply want them to get an event reminder the same way I would.

I see how to add guests to an event, but can not find adequate support on how that happens, exactly. If I add a guest that does not have Gmail, it tells me they can't see the calendar. Which, again, I don't want anyway. So, what does happen?

I suppose I could be asking "How do I send future scheduled emails?", but linking this to the Calendar I already have set up would be *much* simpler. This is especially best since, due to holidays, etc. some lessons are scheduled differently. All that is already in Gcal.

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Best answer: You can try setting up filters based on the content of the reminders that you get. The only thing you'll have to take care of is you have to verify that you can forward to their addresses which involves them clicking on a confirmation link once.
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Response by poster: Oooh. Nice work-around. I will investigate this angle. Leaving this open to other suggestions for a bit. Knew I could count on MeFi.
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Take a different direction: CHARGE them for lessons they do not attend if they have not canceled/rescheduled more than x hours/days in advance. That will catch their attention. My kids took music lessons when they were in school and this was not uncommon.
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Response by poster: Doohickie: I do this, actually. I am really just going a step further, out of consideration, AND, to be able to say, "Hey, I even sent you a reminder."

I have implemented the Gmail filter. Presuming everyone responds with confirmation, I have a winner. Thank you Pyro979.
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