Help with industry figures for UK pharmacies
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Where can I get hold of free or low-cost industry and financial figures for the UK over-the-counter pharmacy industry?

I'm mostly interested in comparing smaller outfits - like independent high street pharmacies - with large chains. Any pointers to information, and especially industry reports, would be much appreciated.
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Best answer: You appear to be in London. If so, go to the British library. You can access Verdict, the UK retail market researchers, on the British Library's database. More info here.

Legally, the British Library is entitled to a copy of any book published in the UK. In practice, there is so much to chase it doesn't get everything, or only gets it very late.

If you want OTC data from a pharma manufacturer perspective - i.e. drugs etc, the best source is Nicholas Hall. You'd have to ring round the various free London Business libraries to see whether they had any of their stuff. The best free source is the AEGSP.
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Response by poster: Thank you MuffinMan - that's brilliant. Unfortunately, the BL seem to be in the process of moving the Verdict reports - but I see that I may be able to access them electronically onsite.
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You might also want to try a library at a school of pharmacy - maybe at the University of London.
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