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Free server-oriented Linux distribution with GUI config tools?

I want to turn an old PC into a LAMP box, with perhaps some file-sharing duties on the side. Although I'm not afraid of the command line, I do appreciate good GUI configuration tools. (My current desktop is a Mac running OS X.) Are there any free distributions that will let me setup such a box using point-and-click?
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centOS. SuSE. Ubuntu.
posted by Mean Mr. Bucket at 7:23 AM on March 21, 2005

Response by poster: Are these not more intended to be run as a desktop OS?
posted by Mwongozi at 7:36 AM on March 21, 2005

suse has always had a good reputation for having a centralized interface for server management.

i'd suggest red hat's fedora core though, its pretty well tested and documented, and the install is great.

there might even be a liveCD that can do what you want. you can check here, these usually are really easy to try, just burn and boot.
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Best answer: centOS is Red Hat Enterprise without the costly up2date, it uses the yum instead.
posted by Mean Mr. Bucket at 9:38 AM on March 21, 2005

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