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Zeldafilter - Can anyone tell me where Makar goes if you die in the wind temple and then save?

In Zelda: Windwaker, for the Gamecube, there is a section of the wind temple where you have to leave your partner, Makar, outside while you fight some baddies. Well, I died fighting those baddies, and hit save by accident, and now Makar is nowhere to be found. I can't find him at his home island, and I can't locate him in the dungeon. FAQ's / walkthroughs of Windwaker have been no help. I need Makar to beat this level, and I'm not prepared to start a new game at this point. Please help!
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My goodness, do I feel your pain! Have you tried the Zelda Universe forums?
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Have you checked the jail?
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Your dungeon map should show you where he's located. I believe he is supposed to wait outside the last area that you were in (where you died). Failing that, he should be at the main entrance to the dungeon.

Good luck, it's been awhile since I played the game and if I remember correctly, I may have experienced the same problem.
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Response by poster: Purephase - he doesnt show on the map, and he's not outside the door where I left him. It is almost as if he doesn't exist anymore....
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Try going through the dungeon, room by room, and playing the Command melody. If Makar is in the room with you, you'll switch to his point of view. I believe (but am not certain) that playing the Command melody in the large central room that is part of all three levels will go to Makar if he is on any level in that room.

Thought I was the only one who hadn't beaten that game three years ago. I finished that temple just a few days ago, so it's still fresh on my mind. He's small, so it's easy to miss him. Remember that he gets dumped by the door of whatever room he is in, unless he got captured by Floormasters and was stuck back in the jail.

Good luck, I know I wouldn't want to have to start over at that point!
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God, I love this game. I'm playing it right now! I thought that Makar would be in whatever room you last left him (before you died). Usually he will be right by the entrance you last used.

If you still can't find him, do you have the compass (if not, you should be able to get it without Makar, and I'm assuming you already have the dungeon map)?

To find the compass, go to the big, tall, circular room with the grate on the bottom. Drop to the bottom level, then hookshot your way up the walls. When you can't go any higher, look directly across from your location and you should see a chest in a little cove across the way. Fly over there with your deku leaf (there's plenty of magic on the floor of that room if you need more) and get the compass.

Once you have the compass, Makar should show up as a little red arrow (much like the talking boat - king of red lions or some nonsense) on your dungeon map.
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