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Looking for suggestions for fun/interesting/unique classes I could take in NYC.

Have some free time on my hands, and I think it would be fun to take a class in something that I would come away from with a new skill. I'm in NYC, so there's lots to do.. right? I'm just having trouble figuring out where to start. :)

I like crafts in general, but really want to try something new, which rules out sewing/knitting/pottery. I've always thought glassmaking/glassblowing would be fun to try, but that tends to be upwards of $300 for a single day, from what I've seen. Ideally I'd like to find something that I could go to several sessions of, with the option to continue learning/working at if I really liked it. I'm fit but not super athletic, so while I'd be willing to consider some form of martial arts/self-defense classes, I probably wouldn't be into any sort of 'extreme' sport.

I think something like the "spy school" here would be a lot of fun, but that's a bit more money than I'm looking to drop (I'm thinking more like ~$200, $300 tops.. though if you have an awesome suggestion that goes higher, I'd still love to hear it).
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Brooklyn Brainery!
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Classes at Lava? They do a handstand class that several of my friends love and speak highly of. Or what about trapeze class at Streb? I went to one, and while most people there were fit, none were any kind of extreme (and none of the other students had previous trapeze experience). They also have a trampoline class, which is a lot of super fun jumping, and only costs $25 per session.
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Some places to look:

3rd Ward
The Madagascar Institute
The learning section of NonsenseNYC
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Improv 101 at Upright Citizens Brigade. It's $350, but covers 8 weekly sessions and a performance.

Aside from being just a generally fun time, it'll (hopefully) open you up to a new appreciation of what makes things funny, and improv will make you a better conversationalist in general. If you like it, you can keep working your way up the ladder.
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I took a trapeze class here. You don't have to be SUPER athletic to have fun, but if you don't think you could do a "skin the cat" on a horizontal bar then I wouldn't recommend the class.
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MUG just had an interesting post about random craft classes: knitting, street gardening, silversmithing, "pop up paper creations" (whatever that is), thai cooking, photography and more.
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Interactive Art Workshop
Fire the Lazzzor!
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World Maker Faire is next weekend at the NY Hall of Science, and would likely be a great place to get ideas as to what most strikes your fancy and make contact with some local groups.
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I am not particularly athletic, and I really loved my beginners aerial acrobatics class at The New York Circus Academy! They start at quite an easy pace and have you doing amazing stuff by the end.

Also, one of these days I am determined to go to the Coney Island Sideshow School. Above your budget, I think, but looks amazing.

The Bruce High Quality Foundation also has some great stuff, though I haven't been to any of their classes myself.
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Yes to Brooklyn Brainery. Also Brooklyn Skillshare.
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I know I'm wayyy late on this, but Brooklyn Kitchen has a ton of reasonably-ish priced classes at their new amazing location. I took the sourdough one recently, it was excellent.
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