Filet crochet source
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I am looking for a source for filet crochet valances like this one. Not looking for patterns, just finished items. I've seen these with a variety of figural shapes in kitchen windows all over Europe but can't find them the US.
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Have you looked in Country Curtains?
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Best answer: Sometimes people sell those on etsy. "Valance" doesn't turn up a whole lot of results, but "filet crochet" does. Here's one, here's another.
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Best answer: I have an old (undated, probably ~2001) paper catalog from the Saro Trading Company that lists some crochet valances with figural motifs. They are wholesalers and their website requires registration before you can request a catalog, so maybe it's not very useful, but maybe you can find someone with a business license to look into this for you.

(Note: insanely cheap prices, would be a little higher now 10 years later, but $35 for 5 yards of 6" wide almost-certainly-handmade filet crochet means slaved over by some underpaid Third World person. Dunno how you feel about that. Maybe it's time to take up a new hobby and make your own? Filet crochet is very easy!)
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There are a lot of handmade options on etsy.
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