Will freshly set concrete burn my dogs paws?
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Will freshly set concrete burn my dogs paws?

I finished pouring a concrete run (C20 mix, 1.8m2) for my Springer Spaniel yesterday @ 4pm- around 15 deg C. On checking this morning, the concrete is well set, and looks okay to use. I know there are various burn inducing components in the cement component itself, but I'd like to find out whether or not it's safe to let the pup use the run, without resulting chemical burns to his pads?
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My dog and I live in a densely populated urban environment, where there is often freshly poured concrete as the city tries to maintain its infrastructure. He trots over it with no ill effect. Some people actually press their pets' paws into the stuff. I don't endorse that and I don't like those people, but I'm pretty sure it's not permanently damaging their pets.
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Can't answer your question directly, but it sure as hell burns my hands. I'd be very reluctant to let my dog walk on it.
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Best answer: If it's actually set, then your dog should be fine. If it's still slightly liquid, then don't let him on it, because me might get some stuck between his pads and you'll have not a lot of fun getting it out.
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Should be fine. It's wet concrete that's the problem.
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Best answer: It probably won't hurt your dog as long as it is hard but concrete should be cured 2-3 days before being used; your dog's nails are probably hard enough to mar green concrete. The concrete should be kept moist for those three days so if it isn't raining you should cover the concrete with a sheet of plastic.
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It's safe.
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