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Youtube has been indispensable for me as a quick "clear my head in 5 minutes" resource while at work or at home. This and this are my gotos, but I would love other links.
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The Brian Eno/Harold Budd fan made videos are all quite nice. (search for more)
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I find that BrodyQuest has a wonderful tendency to clear out any other thoughts in my head, leaving me as refreshed as a blank slate in the shape of Adrian Brody.
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Elgar: Nimrod/Enigma Variations
Temptations: Just My Imagination (a capella)
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Zen Garden - Kokin Gumi (cloud imagery)
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Concierto de Aranjuez. Or pick a different version depending on your taste.
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Corrected link:
Ludovico Einaudi - Rose
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Barcelona- Please Don't Go (music is combined with footage of the Kuroshio Aquarium, always makes me zen out).
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more debussy:

Images - reflets dans l'eau
Debussy's Images OubliƩes' "Lent"

King Christian Suite: Elegie

Piano Sonata No.2 - 1 Andante

not on youtube:
Vincent d'Indy : Souvenirs
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This Japan nature travel video and other videos from this channel. They are usually several ten-minute segments which can be played together for soothing bedtime music or stand alone for a short relaxation. Also, the entire "Sunrise Earth" video series.
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