I'm good on the petting zoos, yo.
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Cider mills and apple orchards in SE Michigan that have few bells and whistles?

You know, so maybe they don't have a petting zoo, corn maze, wandering clowns and giant wooden pirate ship. That's fine by me; I don't have kids to entertain, and just want to pick some apples and get some cider. Is there a place that will let me do that anymore? Who? Where?

(This question may have resulted from two frustrating years of visiting crazy overpriced Disneyfied cider mills and orchards, which often don't even sell Cortlands! What up with that?)
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We always went to the Franklin Cider Mill, near Birmingham/Bloomfield Hills. I think it fits your needs.

I still miss cider mills and thunderstorms.
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I was going to suggest Franklin Cider Mill as well.

They've got an apple stand, goodies and treats (baked goods, raw honey, homemade candy, hotdogs, etc).. all that's outside. There's only one main building for the public and that's for buying cider and the best donuts I've ever eaten.

Long lines, just fyi.
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I always enjoyed Stony Creek Orchard in Romeo, which is very close to another, more "Disneyfied" orchard, Miller's Big Red Barn. The former offered fewer frills and better value, so that's where we always went.
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We like the Dexter Cider Mill, but you can't actually pick apples there. They do sell cider, apples, and baked goods.
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Seconding Stony Creek. If you're looking to drive a ways, you might check out Dexter Cider Mill or Wiards.
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Wasem's fruit farm. They're at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays and you can go to their farm - good cider, great donuts, wonderful jam, apples and other fruit. They're southeast of Ann Arbor, north of Milan.
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I was told I should post Parmenter's Northville Cider Mill.
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All the way to Northern Ohio. Very accessible from US 23 and I 475
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Yates Cider Mill.
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I will second Northvilles Cidar Mill, can't pick apples but soooo good cidar and donuts! The property is nice and it just so happens an uncle lives across the street. Franklins is a good one too!
Now I'm craving cidar and donuts!
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Seconding the Wasem recommendation.
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Seconding Stony Creek in Romeo. (Oh, how I miss the cider mills now that I live in Texas..)
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