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My husband and I will be staying on Grand Bahama Island in mid December this year. We'll be renting a car. We like beaches, snorkeling, national parks, hiking, good eating, gardens and animal watching. Any suggestions for things we should do, places we should eat?
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I went to Grand Bahama way back in 1990 so my memories are shaky, but I do recall that Fortune Beach, just outside of Freeport, was a rather amazing gently-shelving beach of white sand and warm blue water. Also, you must do some scuba, it's pretty awesome around the island. Watch out for the Bahamanian curly-tailed lizards. They're everywhere, cute as hell, although the small ones can look disturbingly like scorpions in dim light.

Eat conch, and seafood generally. Drive all over the island. And I seem to remember the botanical gardens are worth a look, although they now seem to be called The Garden of the Groves. Consider a yacht excursion too. Sorry I can't give more detail but as I say, it was twenty years ago. You'll have fun, especially at that time of year. My ex-wife and I were insane enough to go in July, and the heat and humidity damn near killed us... not to mention the tropical storm our twelve-seater plane flew through on the way back to Miami... :-)
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If you have the chance, visit the Atlantis Resort and Casino. Not sure if it's on the same island or not, but it's pretty fantastic.
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