New Mom Resource List -- Southern Maine Version
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I want to put together an area resource list for my sister who will be having her first baby in November. She lives in the Greater Portland Area of Maine.

I intend the resource list to include things like names of lactation consultants (preferably ones who go to homes rather than ones who make post-partum moms lug themselves and their babies to their offices), therapists with specialties in PPD, new mom groups, places for her to go with new babe, new parent help lines, etc.

I am aware she will likely get a similar list from her practitioner (I know I did), but I want to give her one that may include places and people her practitioner's may not. I know, for example, my provider's list didn't include the name of the LC or the counselor or the physical therapist I saw after birth, so, you know...lists can vary. Basically, anything or anyone that can help her maintain her sanity and give her support.

I will also be giving her a bunch of little practical gifts to go along with the list --- Foodler gift certificate, lansinoh, etc.
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Birth Roots does a resource guide, both printed and online available here. I've found it very helpful. I'm sure they would mail one on request as well.

Is she having the baby at Mercy? I was given some sort of similar list there. They have a nursing support group once a week that I went to right away and loved...there's always an LC there. I liked having to leave the house, but of course your sister's MMV.

Also, there is a visiting nurse option in many towns around here (not sure where she is)... I live in Portland and I love our visiting nurse, she comes one a month now (but came more frequently in the first month). We got the option to sign up for that after the birth.

I'll think about what else might be helpful.
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Just glanced at the list our midwife sent home with us. It included-

Poison Control 800 number
Local Le Leche numbers and meeting times
Pelvic floor Physical Therapist
Urgent care numbers & locations
Infant med doses
Postpartum Doula number
Local playgroup contact
Carseat check locations

It is laminated and has magnets glued to the back. Wacky, but I love that!

Congratulations on the new niece or nephew!
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