Did Recettear take the first 15 seconds of this song from another game?
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Name that tune filter. Sort of. I'm sure this tune (from the start to about 15 seconds in) sounds just like a jingle from what I think may be an old SNES game. Something involving Mario, possibly karts but maybe not.

I might be wrong about it being for the SNES specifically, but it's definitely something from Nintendo that comes to mind.

Thanks a million, Hivemind.
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I get what you're saying, but I don't think it's an exact enough match to place it to a particular game -- I think it's a soundalike, a tune that's written to be so similar as to evoke the spirit of what it's copying, but different enough so not as to be actionable by the original copyright holder. But, yes, I agree with you that it evokes one of the Mario Kart games.
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Sounds a lot like (but not exactly like) the Map 2 theme from Super Mario World.
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The whistling noises are maybe what's doing it. See the tune for Donut Plains, or Yoshi's theme, in Super Mario Kart for similar noises.
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Seconding aparrish's suggestion of the Map 2 music from Super Mario World. The chord progression and key are identical, and the instrumentation is similar, so that's a very likely source of inspiration, whether it be intentional or otherwise.
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