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Where can I buy replacement cushion covers for my Ikea Lillberg sofa?

A few years ago I bought a Lillberg Sofa from Ikea. After years of heavy use, the the cushion covers need to be replaced. Unfortunately, it looks like Ikea has discontinued the Lillberg line and no longer sells replacement covers.

Are there any reputable online stores that sell (or can make) replacement covers for Ikea Lillberg sofas? If it matters, the cushions are all rectangular foam.
posted by eisenkr to Shopping (2 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite I ordered a slipcover from them for my Klippan, and all went well.
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Bemz does indeed have Lillberg replacement cushion covers. I have ordered a chair cover and a sofa cover and they're both great. I will caution you though that on one of my orders I was hit with an absolutely horrific (but legitimate) duty charge, but on my other order I wasn't. This was shipping to Canada (ymmv). This has nothing to do with Bemz, but you might want to check into or be prepared for this possibility.
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