Where can I find a replacement for a discontinued Ikea lampshade?
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[LampshadeFilter]: I accidentally broke a beloved glass Ikea lampshade and I'd like to find a replacement. I was a klutz this morning and broke this lampshade that holds high sentimental value to its owner. It is a medium-blue glass, mushroom shaped lampshade bought around 2002. Ikea doesn't have a stock discontinued items, and eBay and Googling turn up nothing. Pictures are inside.

I uploaded a set of pictures of the broken lampshade in hopes of showcasing the damage done. Unfortunately, the lampshade is severely cracked, so it would be useless to glue it back together. I would really like to find a replacement lampshade, so any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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you don't happen to know the crazy Ikea name for this lamp do you?
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Response by poster: minsey lou: I wish! That's part of the reason why my search has been so fruitless. The only information I have is at the bottom of the lamp...

The only information on the bottom of the lamp is the following...

first sticker: [Use only 40Watt 120V Type G lamp bulbs]

second sticker: it has a holographic background with 5 lines:
- first line in the left hand corner [03/99] right hand corner [E86924]
- second line is two circles with a UL in the middle of each circle
- third line is [Listed] beneath the two circles in row 2
- fourth line is [Portable Lamp]
- fifth line is [Issue No. BH-61,566]

the third sticker is a small white and black Ikea logo in the centre and the number 83 beneath that.

Other than that, there is nothing on the lamp.
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Best answer: I used to have one of these. If it's still kicking around I'll send it to you, but I think I might have given it away.
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I phoned Ikea about a replacement shade for one of their currently stocked floor lamps and they said, "We don't carry any parts for these products".

So I'm keeping my eyes peeled for something that could be altered, adjusted or otherwise beaten into submission as a lampshade. Good luck!
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I'm not sure they don't still have these. I think I've seen them recently. If you just looked on the website, not everything they stock is on there.
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Depends on how guilty you feel - but in a last ditch effort - you could check with a hot glass studio in your area about commissioning someone to make you a new one. It's a fairly simple shape and white inside/blue outside is pretty easy to do. It wouldn't be exact, likely, but I'd bet even a semi-decent glass blower could replicate it pretty closely. The mailing list for my local hot shop occasionally sees requests like this. I'm guessing it would cost quite a bit more than the original, though.
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Best answer: Assuming you're periodically checking ebay (CA & US), why not post it on ebay's Want It Now? Perhaps one of their fanatics watchers can help you?

Another thought is commissioning Yves-Marie Savoret at the Univ of Guelph to blow you a replacement shade. (Background article here.)
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Best answer: I did give it away, but the recipient isn't using it, and is willing to send it to you - I put him in touch with you.

It's an Ikea SEXTETT, and in fact they don't make them any more.

I also went through a phase where I was in love with my various little Ikea decorative lamps, though, so I feel your boyfriend's pain.
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on preview (sigh)
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Also, while you're waiting for it to arrive, you may wish to contemplate the deep mysteries of life.
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Response by poster: Update:

Oh wow, this is amazing! ikkyu2 is my personal hero. I think you may have saved me from my boyfriend pouting forever. :) ikkyu2's friend is nice enough to donate the lamp to my cause. Oh the wonders of the internet, how I love thee!

And to everyone else who suggested things like commissions and other ideas, I had never thought of that. If it wasn't for my knight in shining armour sending me the lamp, I might have used these ideas.

Thank you again to everyone. You've saved the day!
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Wow, that's great! Kudos to Ikkyu2.
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