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I'm a pretty hardcrore Bob Dylan fan, and the few clips I've seen from this concert have always fascinated me. Is the full concert available anywhere? I seem to remember seeing Love Minus Zero/No Limit with similar facepaint. Or are the clips just bits from Renaldo and Clara? Notwithstanding the answer to that, can you please point me toward your favourite Dylan clips?
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Just FYI that clip is blocked in my country (the US).

At any rate, I would get this documentary. It shows the evolution of Dylan at Newport from 1963-65. It's absolutely fascinating to see how he changes and how the world changes around him in just three years.
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I can't see that video from Canada, but given the reference to face paint, that sounds like performances from the Rolling Thunder Revue. The live album is Hard Rain, which was also broadcast as a tv special. I believe the whole special is available from the usual sources.
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Response by poster: Blocked? Bloody travesty. Try this one.
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That one worked, thanks! Tangled up in Blue wasn't on the Hard Rain album or special, so maybe this was an excerpt from an earlier point in the tour.
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This could be what you're after. If not the exact recording, this box set contains a performance of Tangled Up in Blue from the Rolling Thunder tour. It isn't stated
explicitly on the page, but I believe there is also bonus DVD included.
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I have Bob Dylan Live 1975 (Rolling Thunder Review) and this is not quite the same as the version of Tangled Up In Blue that is on the CD (etc) set. For some strange reason I've never watched the DVD, so perhaps Lorin's explanation is the best.
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Can't find the link, but Dylan and the Band's Basement Tapes version of Hank Snow's "I Don't Hurt Anymore"
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Best answer: The clips are from Renaldo and Clara. Sara Dylan has the rights to that and wont release it. My dad has all the musical parts of this on VHS, along with 6 hours worth of stuff.
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Best answer: Here's a Chinese video site with tons of Dylan videos, including ones from that performance.

Also I think this is the full performance. It's blocked in the U.S., so try it if you're outside the U.S. or can figure out a proxy that will let you view it.

Good luck!
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From the wiki entry on Renaldo and Clara:

Copies, made from recordings of the television broadcast, circulate among collectors, but the only parts of the movie to be released for consumers are the excerpts found on the "bonus" DVD accompanying the initial release of Dylan's The Bootleg Series Vol. 5: Bob Dylan Live 1975, The Rolling Thunder Revue.

But as is the case with almost everything Dylan: If it exists, there is a bootleg out there somewhere.
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