Can't adjust the Date and Time on my pc {mi}
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When I try to adjust the date and time on my pc, I get the ol' " Not responding" message. As a simple crustacean with limited skills, I need some help. {MI}
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Response by poster: This started about a month back when I got infected with MidADle, and I tried to clean it up through the registry. I finally got it using AVG, but this problem popped up and annoys the hell out of me. I also sometimes get the same deal when using Photoshop and try to create a new layer. I end up having to reboot and lose all unsaved work.

I'll leave myself open to ridicule and admit it's a homemade Win 98 system, and I don't have a Win 98 disc. also, I'm sorta dumb when it comes to this stuff so feel free to talk to me as if I was 8.
posted by lobstah at 7:45 PM on March 17, 2005

Well, what app is not responding - explorer? Also, run msconfig (start->run->msconfig) and click on the startup tab to see if anything unusual or unneeded is running.

If you haven't already, run adaware and spybot with updated definition files.

Are you virus free now?

It's also quite possibly a driver issue as well.
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Response by poster: explorer for the date and time...photoshop for photoshop. Virus clean. Nothing unusual (That I can tell, or even guess) in startup. Is there any easy way to see what driver might be missing?
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Best answer: Try setting the date from DOS, and tell us what happens.

Start|Run| type "command", hit enter, get DOS prompt, type "date" hit enter.
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Response by poster: Good tip orthogonality, I was able to adjust the date and time with DOS...the right click method still locks up, but I can live with it. Any ideas why Photoshop would do the same lock up? It was pre-loaded and I don't have the disc, nor can I find the install anywhere.
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Start|Run| type "command", hit enter, get DOS prompt, type "date" hit enter.

On my work computer (win2000) doing this changes the clock tooltip to reflect the change, then I get an short hourglass and the date gets changed back to its original value. What process is watching for such changes and could something similar be causing lobstah's issues?
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you might have network time service enabled by your sysadmin - in which case all the computers at your work are being synchronised over the 'net. i have no idea if this would happen with win98 (wasn't that intended for home use? if so, probably not).
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lobstah, please explain at exactly what point the PC locks up when you attempt to adjust the date from explorer. Take use through your every action.
posted by orthogonality at 12:29 AM on March 20, 2005

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