Travelling to Seville (Spain) next Wednesday need some ideas on what to do.
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Travelling to Seville (Spain) next Wednesday need some ideas on what to do.

I'm flying into Seville airport (SVQ) next wednesday landing at 20:50

Im planning to catch a train onward to Cadiz
The train departs at 21:45 - I think there is a good chance I will miss it.

The next train is at 06:38 the following day - so there is a good chance I will have to kill the night in Seville.

Looking for suggestions on what I should do?
A good local hostile might be the best idea.
Open to sleeping in Seville airport or station if they are nice enough.
Or if anyone has some better ideas on what Seville as to offer all the better.
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If you can somehow manage it, go to a pig roast! Roast suckling pig, marinated in Seville's particularly sour oranges. I'm getting dreamy eyed just thinking about it.
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Tapas! A nice cool glass of manzanilla. A few different dishes. Did I mention the lush dates wrapped in bacon? If you arrive at 20:50 your timing is perfect.

Also: be careful where you sleep, unless you don't have a particular fondness for your possessions. If you want to bed down somewhere, try this place - it's pretty central and when you head off the next day is 1km from the train station.
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There are some great tile manufacturers and stores to wander around in. The ceramic works there are very impressive.
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Go to the Catedral and the Plaza de Espana.
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From what I remember, the Seville airport closes overnight. Try couchsurfing, it's a great (and generally safe) experience. Check out the Carboneria when you're there for some free flamenco (around 10pm) -- it's on a side street w/out a marked door, but pretty much any place should be able to tell you how to get there.
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