Quest for the perfect shorts
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I finally found the perfect pair of shorts. Now I can't find them in any stores or online. Help!

I bought a pair of Patagonia shorts on a clearance rack earlier this summer, and they're perfect.

Patagonia isn't selling them anymore, not even anything similar. I like the fabric blend over regular cotton. 52% Polyester and 48% Polyamide. I also like the double-seam down the side, it gives them a more casual look while having a slim profile (I generally don't like cargo pockets).

I wonder if I can order the same pair of shorts somewhere? I don't know the model number. I can't find any other tag than the back tag. If not, what other shorts might be similar to these?
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What's the style number?

You can call Customer Service and they'll tell you what a similar model is.

Alternatively, my SO works there and can ask a designer.
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Response by poster: I'm not sure of the style number, the only tag is on the back that I can find... I don't have the hang-tags that came with it anymore.

I contacted the store I bought them from and they weren't sure what model they were either. They said it was probably from the '08 or '09 spring season but that was all they could figure out.

They recommended the Patagonia Delivery Shorts, and they do look similar, but they're cotton, so I don't think they would have the same lightness and soft stretchy feel to them that these do.
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SO, who owns pretty much every pair of shorts, doesn't remember them.

He said that the double pocket is the key oddball factor. He advised that you call customer service and they'll be able to help you out. If that doesn't work, memail me and I'll bug him to email the men's apparel people.
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Best answer: Are they the Patagonia Dispatch Shorts? Link goes to Sonoma Outfitters, which was the only place I could find in a quick Google that was selling them (and unfortunately not in a size 32), but if that's right, at least you have the style name now.
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Okay, nice job Flex. SO confirms that they are probably the Dispatch.

Here's a SFGate article on the Dispatch pants that are zip offs. Zappos did a blogpost as well.

SO speculates that there may have just been too many shorts at that pricepoint or that fits the primary consumer of that particular shorts.

In addition, SO says that a lot of the time the pants of a model will be successful but the shorts will not and based on the buzz that the pants got, this might have been the case.

I am in the reverse problem right now. I LOVE the Patagonia Solimar pants. The Solimar shorts do very well. The pants have not. The pants are being cut. I am sad.
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Response by poster: Awesome, those are definitely them. Everywhere online that I have looked is sold out, this may bring my search to an end... The pants look great too, but also discontinued? I would pick up a pair of those if I could find them.

Here's to hoping Patagonia will carry the shorts again... In the mean time I wonder what the next best thing is? It's tough since I don't live near any outdoors stores to go try them on.

k8t, thanks so much for your (and your SO's) help... I know it's a bit of a stretch, but do you know if Patagonia has some back-stock of stuff like this that they don't list on their website?
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re: backstock

Yes - call the outlets and they can look an old style up for you. In fact, you could call any store and they can look it up. (Style number helps.)

I did this a few weeks ago because my kid outgrew his snowpants but not his coat but this year's snowpants don't match the coat. I called the store in Ventura and they looked it up and told me that last year's snowpants were available at 3 different outlets. The outlets took my CC # and shipped the pants to me. is Zappos's outlet and they've had some Patagonia stuff too.
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