Who's the comic book housewife?
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The last wive in the Desperate Housewives titles. Who is she? Is she from something? Does this style of cartoon have a name?
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Best answer: Pop art. Or Roy Lichtenstein style, if you prefer.

Who is she in the show? She's the narrator who killed herself.

Where is the image from? I think it was probably created for the show to look like a Lichtenstein.
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Aside: the singular form of "wives" is "wife."
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An article on the credits. It only says:
...a woman in a Roy Lichtenstein-style pop art drawing retaliates against her boorish partner with a sock in the jaw.
Since they mention they had difficulty securing the rights to some of the artwork they chose, I would guess it was drawn in-house to look like something they couldn't afford.

The design firm has a web page if you want to e-mail them the question directly.
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yup--Lichtenstein, and based on old romance comicbooks--and those dots are called benday dots. if you take a magnifying glass to a comic book or newspaper you can see them (depending on the printing process used)
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more on benday dots
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You've probably seen Brenda Strong in something, as she's a perennial bit player - she's the ghost wife on Everwood, and Sue-Ellen Mishkie (the candy bar heiress) on Seinfeld, among others.

Some would argue she's virtually the same actress as Marcia Cross.
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Response by poster: Liechtenstein seems like the thing I was looking for. Thank you.

(Ludwig: I was being cutesy, but thanks for sharing your knowledge)
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She is also the voice over artist for the trailers/ads for the new Kevin Costner movie "Upside of Anger".
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I was being cutesy, but thanks for sharing your knowledge

When you're being cutesy, you shouldn't get bitchsy if someone else gets snarksy.
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signal, seems to me you're a little quicksy to assume that cillit bang wasn't being genuinesy.
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