You're grounded!
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I need clips showing someone getting put in time-out or grounded in English-language cartoons or TV shows, but I'm coming up empty-handed.

This is for an English class I'm teaching to Japanese 14-year-olds, if it matters. Their textbook has a passage about the differences in discipline methods between Japanese and American households, which is about as exciting as it sounds. I have the English clip of Sailor Moon getting locked out of her house for getting a bad grade on a test (which is the example given for "Japanese discipline" in the textbook), and thought it might be fun to contrast it with some clips from American cartoons, but I'm coming up empty-handed. I thought stuff like this would be all over the place--I'm sure I remember plenty of plots revolving around characters getting grounded, but I can't recall anything specific enough to search.

So far I've mostly been searching YouTube for the name of a cartoon* + "grounded," but this hasn't really yielded results. All I've found is this, which would be great except for the "Are you HIIIIGH?!"--clips need to be G-rated. Their English is pretty low-level, but slangy and/or difficult dialogue is fine, since we'll probably spend a lot of time explaining it anyway.

If you don't have a clip, but remember something like this in enough detail to help me search for the episode (even a keyword to ctrl+F on the Wikipedia episode guide), that would be great too.

Thanks, hive mind!

*ones I've tried, in no particular order: Spongebob, Daria, Johnny Bravo, Rocket Power, Hey Arnold!, iCarly, Drake & Josh, Rugrats, Recess, Pepper Ann, Ed Edd & Eddy, Doug, Fairly Oddparents, Jimmy Neutron. Heh.
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It happens a couple of times in King of the Hill episodes, although some of them are PG rather than G.
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I was going to suggest Supernanny episodes. She talks about time-out as an effective discipline method in pretty much every episode. Not a cartoon, but it's pretty clear cut American discipline.
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There are a few Simpsons episodes that have Bart getting grounded/getting sent to his room - the one with the Itchy and Scratchy Movie, and I think one of the early Thanksgiving episodes, too.
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I just did a Google video search for "you're grounded" (with quotes) and it looks like there are some promising results (but I can't sift through them right now to be sure).

You can also try some older shows like Brady Bunch, Leave it to Beaver, etc.
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It's more like a motion comic video, but the song lays out the principles pretty well: Chuck Brown and the Chuckleberry's "Time Out Blues."
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The single-panel comic strip Dennis the Menace quite often featured an image of Dennis sitting in a corner as punishment.
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Would Supernanny work? Here are the youtube videos for "supernanny time out"
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I think I remember being grounded as a pretty regular punishment on the Disney show Good Luck Charlie (my daughter watches it quite a bit). I know for sure there's an episode of iCarly where Carly gets grounded for dating a "bad boy."
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Wow. This hasn't aged well, but it was what first came to mind when I read your question.
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Best answer: Tvtropes to the rescue!

You are Grounded

Go To Your Room
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These are robots, but Joel treats them like his children....I always thought it was adorable in this clip (beginning at 3:03) when Crow's new "friend", the evil Timmy, causes trouble and Crow gets blamed for it. "Timmy did it! It wasn't me!" he protests to Joel. "Monkeyshines and telling lies? I think someone needs a time out..." Joel replies while sending Crow to the corner. "I hate you!" Crow stomps off in typical angry child fashion.
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Response by poster: TVtropes led me to these clips from Lilo and Stitch (I don't know how I forgot that scene!) and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which I think will do. Thanks, everyone!
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