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I have alarge video file. it's avi and i want to crop segments from it. What should i use?
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Response by poster: to expand, i want to take clips from it and create new video files, suitable for upload to youtube.
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What OS are you using?
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Response by poster: windows xp pro
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avidemux is fast and simple. (win, linux, mac)

erightsoft 'super' can be a pain to download, but works surprisingly well (trim/crop under 'other options'. (windows only)
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Lifehacker also blogged about JayCut, an online video editor tool. Might be worth a try.
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VirtualDub can do this. Download it here and as a bonus here's a video showing how to use it to crop segments from AVI files.
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Avidemux will work well and has various demuxers and decoders built in, so it's a single install and no need to mess around with external codecs. It can cut and remux without re-encoding, and also features "Smart Copy" so for MPEG-4 ASP content (Xvid, DivX, etc.) you can cut on non-keyframes without video corruption or loss of audio sync (though cutting on keyframes is always recommended).

Virtualdub may or may not need external codecs but is otherwise pretty good; AFAIK, it doesn't feature a smart copy function, so if you're not re-encoding but merely cutting you must cut on I-frames.

SUPER only functions by re-encoding, often doesn't interface correctly with ffmpeg (which most often breaks muxing), and does some shady stuff which often triggers Windows' Data Execution Prevention on files outside the install directory. In short, avoid it like the plague.

To get the latest revision of Avidemux for Windows, click here. These SVN builds are not nominally stable but I've never had one crash except in rare cases with H.264 content and a known Avidemux core bug.
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I really like Solveig video splitter. It's very easy to use, just mark the break points and it will save all the chunks as separate files. It has really good keyboard scrubbing and can even detect breaks between scenes (if the screen goes dark).

Not freeware but the trial is fully functional.
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As with anything AVI, Virtualdub is the way to go. Nothing simpler or more powerful.
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mpegstreamclip is my weapon of choice for transcoding and clipping movie files. Easy to use, free and with a multi-threaded batch mode for unattended operation on lots of files.
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