Where can I find instructions on making cardboard furniture?
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Where can I find free blueprints / instructions / patterns on how to build cardboard furniture?

I need furniture for my apartment; however, I am only in this particular county for 2 years, and then I will travel somewhere else where my furniture cannot follow me. Therefore, I think this would be a perfect time to experiment with cardboard furniture.

However, my Google searches have only lead to pages describing such furniture, or pictures sets of the finished project. Where can I find more detailed instructions online? I am mainly looking for coffee tables, couches / benches, chairs, bedside tables, ect.

This previous question suggests ideas, but with few concrete instructions.
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You might like the books Nomadic Furniture and Nomadic Furniture 2. For free, you'll have to inquire at the library, although you can find a few scanned pages online.
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Nthing Nomadic. I came across my copy (bought in the 70s) last year sometime. Pure bliss for what you're trying to do--although I think plywood was the preferred material in these books.
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This sounds like a job for instructables. A quick searching there shows some appropriate projects, as well as what looks like a link to a video about making cardboard furniture
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