I want a plain black fitted stylish woman's pea coat.
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I want a stylish, flattering, WARM pea coat.

And I have no idea where to start... I know it's summer so I'm guessing stores don't have their full selection out yet but the coats I've tried on in Macy's have been extremely... not warm.

I'm going to be walking around in temperatures ranging probably from a low of 15 to a high of 30 (Fahrenheit) all winter, in snowstorms, with lots of wind. I do not want to freeze, so this is top priority. I chose a pea coat for style but is it practical in these conditions?

This pea coat seems marvelous but is a bit too pricey for me.. I want to stay below 100 dollars if possible.

I just want a plain black extremely warm pea coat that is flattering. I am a 20 year old woman. Variations on the theme of plain black are okay, but not extreme variations. I am mostly just looking for a plain one. Definitely want centered buttons and all that.

So, where should I look? Is this unreasonable (warm, under 100 dollars, stylish)?

My boyfriend and I have been looking around the internet but mostly find not very warm looking trendy variations on pea coats, and like I said, I just really want a plain one. We might be looking in the wrong places.

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Is online okay? Lands' End has a couple (one of which is under $100):

Coat 1
Coat 2

Their coats are usually pretty well made, and they have good return/exchange policies.
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Oh -- they have one that is warmer (insulated), but it's $150.
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Try eBay.

You definitely want to look for something that is wool, rather than, say, a wool/acrylic blend. Good wool--the kind used in actual navy pea coats--has some water resistance. Flimsy blends tend to get soggy pretty quickly in a snowstorm and never seem to dry when you need them to.
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I just bought the Land's End insulated pea coat. It does not seem very warm to me. The fabric feels too light and the insulation doesn't seem very warm. I think I'm going to return it and buy the authentic navy pea coat that you linked to. My husband has one of those and it is toasty warm.
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I have a (red) Calvin Klein pea coat. It wasn't under $100, but it is VERY warm. I live in Chicago and was mostly fine last winter wearing it with only a long sleeve t-shirt as an under layer.
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My favorite pea coats are from Sterlingwear. They're a bit over $100, but in my experience the quality is infinitely better than the "fashion" pea coats from places like department stores, Banana Republic, etc. which are similarly priced. They should last many, many years and they're very warm.
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Lands End will be warm, although you might be sacrificing slightly on the "fashionable" side - just check their return policy, which I recall to be generous, and you'll be fine.

Meanwhile, I don't think you're going to find a pea coat that is warm, fashionable, AND under $100. I mean, you could wait to see if Target has something that fits the bill in a month or two, but don't count on it last more than a season. I'd seriously advice upping your budget - a pea coat is a sound investment that will last a long time (as in I have a pea coat that I inherited).
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PS: Particularly with fitted womens' pea coats, I recommend planning on wearing a warm, tightly knit scarf with it if you are in the northeast/midwest/somewhereactuallycoldandwindy. They often have a deep V at the neck that you'll want to cover up.
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Okay, let's try the upping the budget thing... Just forget about price and go wild. But if it's pricier it has to be much better quality.
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If variations on black are okay, what about navy blue? Consider scouring army-navy surplus stores in your area (this may require a bit of patience), finding a coat that fits you in the shoulders, and taking it to a tailor who can ensure it will fit elsewhere.
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LL Bean Classic Lambswool Peacoat.
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Delia's also has some options. Unfortunately, I think most are some kind of wool/viscose/acrylic blend.
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In that case, I have this coat and it is excellent.
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J. Crew's peacoats, especially the "stadium cloth" ones like this one, are really nice and really warm. They usually have versions with Thinsulate, but those can actually be too warm if you're moving around (this is from experience in Philadelphia, where temperatures and conditions sound similar to what you're describing). The prices are higher than ideal, but worth it if you take care of it and make it last. Other options here.
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That's just an example of a place selling Navy-issue women's fitted pea coats. They're available in a lot of places and cost between $110-140. They're 100% wool and have a quilted lining that is very warm. Here in Texas I only get to break mine out two or three times a year (bought it for a trip to colder climes). You won't need a scarf with a real pea coat (unless you want one, they look great with a knotted scarf) because the large lapels can be folded across the neck and buttoned on the opposite side.
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The Sterlingwear pea coat is the exact same as the "authentic Navy pea coat" you linked to -- even the same model -- and it's almost $75 cheaper at the Sterlingwear site. Huh!

What maryr said about the price, and definitely do not overlook vintage. My pea coat is a 1960s Jaeger wool and camelhair thing -- the lining is now shot and needs repair, but that's not too difficult a fix and the exterior is basically bombproof. Camelhair is nice and toasty, too.

I have J. Crew, Bean, and Lands' End wool coats. They are nice and I would recommend all three, but they just do not compare to the old Jaeger, which has a lovely prim cut and luxe buttons. If you were willing to haunt eBay and Etsy for a bit you might be able to score something lovely that would stay within your original budget.

Lands' End Canvas is a smidge more stylish than Lands' End and the "Canvas" pea coat is wool and nylon rather than the wool-nylon-polyester blend of the Lands' End one.
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I used to wear a genuine Navy peacoat (like the one in your link) that I got new from an Army/Navy store for about $120. It was 100% wool, very warm, and kept out the misty drizzle of several Seattle winters. Maybe check out some actual surplus stores in your area? Actually, did some googling and they have it available online for $114.
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seconding lefty lucky cat. I wear a navy-issue pea coat in Canadian winters -- it's by far the best winter coat I've ever had, and you should be able to find one for less than $150. I think I paid a bit over $100 for mine. it's definitely worth poking around a few surplus shops in search of one.
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If you're not a difficult size, I'd recommend trying searching the vintage options on eBay.
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I have a St. John's Bay black pea coat (with detachable hood!!) from JC Penney's after doing a similar search to yours. I live in Wisconsin, so warm coat = must and my old black peacoat made me look like a very cold box.

I think this is it and it looks like it's on an even better sale than when I got it ($70).

It keeps me warm and cozy for the most part (you may have to layer, depending on your climate) and it looks pretty good. So that's my endorsement.
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I wore my stepdad's actual Navy-issued peacoat for a lot of years, and it was the warmest goddamned thing I ever wore. I would second the suggestion to go authentic. I'm sure a lady-version could be tailored if need be.
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...which is to say, if you didn't think the Navy-issued lady peacoat was stylish enough, you could have it tailored. I realize there are ladies in the Navy. :)
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If we're throwing budget out the window, I'm a huge fan of my G-Star pea coat. It was $300 or so but it looks great and is very warm.
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