What kind of RAM should I buy for my netbook?
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I currently have an Asus eeepc 1005P. I want to add an extra 1gb of memory to it, but I'm unsure of what kind of RAM I should be buying/looking at. I've looked at a few other forums and such but they seem to be a little vague as to what exactly I should be looking for. Help would be much appreciated
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Best answer: Best place I've found to find type of memory is Crucial.com. Just enter the model and they will list the type of module you need.

For your model, they list "DDR2 memory with support for DDR2 PC2-6400 speeds."
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Checked my Newegg invoices and this is the RAM I picked up for my EeePC, works pretty well imo. I think anything you find under a search for "laptop memory" will do the trick.
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And all that DDR2 stuff wongcorgi said. /goes off in search of coffee.
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Response by poster: Ah excellent! And is there a limit to how much RAM I can put into the netbook? I'll be happy with 2gb but 3gb would probably do me better
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Response by poster: Sorry, had a closer look at the sites and it seems there is a limit. Thanks to everyone for the responses
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The limit is probably 2GB - I've got a 901 and I think they're all pretty much the same underneath. The good news it's incredibly easy and takes about 5 minutes. I'm not sure it made a huge amount of difference though.

The two things that made a huge difference in speed for me were:

1) Upgrading the SSD to a runcore model. I don't think this affects you as yours is a normal HDD.
2) Changing the OS to Ubuntu.
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The only other thing to watch out for is I'm pretty sure your machine only has one RAM slot, which would currently have the 1GB RAM in. You need to replace that with a 2GB part. Just don't want you to buy a second 1GB and have nowhere to put it.
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