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September 3, 2010 3:19 AM   Subscribe vs Several times now, books I want to listen to have appeared on but not Being in Ireland, .com will not allow me to set up an account. Is there a legal and affordable route? The latest Brandon Sanderson is the straw currently breaking the camel's back. It's £54.63 on CD from Amazon, or 1 measly credit from This is not the first nor likely will it be the last such occurrence and as a regular audiobook listener, I genuinely want to pay, just not through the nose.
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Best answer: Open an account with a US-based VPN provider ( is one such and offer month-at-a-time subscriptions). You'll need to set up VPN networking on your computer and enable it when you want to "be in the US" or want the secure link they provide. They have clear instructions for doing both. Your downloads will likely be a bit slower while you're connected -- but apparently cheaper, too! Good luck
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Response by poster: Wow, I can't believe I never tried that. I just presumed that the credit card would need a US address. Apparently not. Excellent.
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