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How does this work? Momus led my horse to water, but she refuses to drink.

Today, Momus linked to this site, and I have no clue (20 minutes on) how to enjoy it. Thanks in advance to all you steampunk-manga fans.
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It looks like it might just be fancy online colorforms.

The bottom buttons appear to let you print your creation, post it online, or see others' posts. When you drag a character to the canvas you can change the ink to red, change it's size, position, and orientation. Buttons on the left side let you create multiple pages at once ("1/2" "2/2").

Did you come up with anything else? it doesn't look like the characters will animate or anything, but maybe I just didn't find it.
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It appears to be a Japanese-themed version of the Historic Tale Construction Kit.
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Yeah, nobody has it. You're just supposed to drag the images onto the canvas to make a comic.

Once you click on the red text in the lower left hand corner, it starts a game where you can make your own manga from Hokusai drawings. Along the top are, from left to right, "Men", "Women", "Animals", "Landscapes", and "Things". If you click on one of those, it lists some images you can use. Drag one to the canvas, and the options appear. From left to right, "Red/Black", "Bigger/Smaller", "Mirror", and "Delete".

Beneath the images box on the left is a number of other options. On the middle of the top row is the "Drawings" pane you started in. Next to that on the right is "Text". Select that, then click on the canvas and start typing. It only types in Japanese. The text options are, from top to bottom, "Bigger/Smaller", "Red/Black", and "Delete". The middle row of the options box is "Pages". The middle option here is "New Page", and the one to its right is "Delete". The bottom row of the options box lets you move between pages. On the left is "Previous Page", on the right is "Next Page".

Beneath the canvas there are some further options. The leftmost says, "Send to a Friend" (under here is "Your Name", "Your Email Address", "Your Friend's Name", "Your Friend's Email Address", "The Name of the Comic", and "Message". At the bottom is "Back" on the left and "Continue" on the right.) Next to "Send to a Friend" is "Publish to Gallery" (under here is "Creator's Name" and "The Name of the Comic", along with "Back" and "Continue" as before). Next to that is "View Gallery", but this crashes my browser, so I can't say much about it. Next is "Print", and the last option is "Delete".

Hope that helps!

On preview, I can't believe I actually typed all that up, only to find that there's already an example in English.
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It induced an epilectic seizure while it was loading.
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Thanks for the input!

Now this ole horse o'mine, she drinks!
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