Help me foil the feline furniture slashers
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Cats shredded the vinyl upholstery on my fancy weight bench. What are my options to get it re-covered with something more durable?

Have a spiffy adjustable weight bench:

My 2 hyperactive cats took a liking to the vinyl upholstery on it and have punctured/shredded it to the point where it is falling apart, even though they've got a $200 cat tower covered in sisal rope about 5 feet away. GRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I'm going to seriously up the frequency on the loveable bastards' claw trimming sessions...

Would like to get the bench re-upholstered in something more durable, like cordura. Anyone done this before, know of a place that does it or sells materials to do it so I can do it myself?
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If you want it done in cordura, you might try someone who does boat upholstery.
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ewww!...cordura will smell quickly from all the sweat...don't do it.
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There's a thought. You could get it recovered in vinyl, but also get a kind of slipcover in cordura or other tough material, and leave it covered when not in use.

FYI, working with really tough materials is *hard*, and often requires an industrial sewing machine if you don't want to spend a couple weeks hand sewing. Part of the reason for the industrial sewing machine is its strength, and another is so you have enough room for your material under the arm of the machine. Thick, durable material doesn't bunch up small. Another is so that you can use large enough stitches; the small stitching done by a household machine is not really suitable for heavy material.

But at least if you decide to try doing it by hand, you don't have to make tiny precise stitches.
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Response by poster: ewww!...cordura will smell quickly from all the sweat...don't do it.


I've sweat a lot in a cordura motorcycle suit and it doesn't smell.
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Response by poster: Just found this after some more extensive googling:

Sent a question to them to see if they can do it.

They say this about cordura:

...Cordura is an extremely durable 100% nylon fabric with special woven qualities. This fabric has puncture, tear, rip, stain, and mildew resistance built in....
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