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I have a Perl script which is supposed to handle user registration. It works fine from the command line (perl "username=blah&password=blah") but doesn't modify the file it's supposed to modify when run as a CGI script in Apache 2.0.

I'm assuming this is some sort of permissions issue, but I've done chmod a+w and chmod 777 on the file in question and still no luck. Is there something I need in my httpd.conf?

Apologies if this is a really inane question, but my brain is fried right now and the Apache docs might as well be Greek.

(Also: I know I shouldn't keep my user data in a file. Eventually I will switch to some sort of SQL database. For the moment, though, I'd like to get the authentication crap out of the way so I can work on the fun bits of my webapp.)
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Best answer: Try putting or die "Couldn't save user data: !$" after the open statements. Then, check your apache error log to see what complained and why.

Did you make sure the user apache is running as has access (+x) to the directory the file is in, and all its parent directories? Try suing to the user http runs as and editing the file as that user.
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Response by poster: That was it — Apache had write access to the file but not the parent directory. I had several die statements, but I was using a method from a CPAN module which was returning true even though it was failing, so they weren't helping me much. Much obliged.
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