Two player card games
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One deck of cards. Two of us. What's the best game to play?
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If you have a cribbage board, that'd be my suggestion.
posted by cerebus19 at 9:42 PM on March 15, 2005

Speed. Lots of fun at the airport waiting for your flight, or whatnot. It might look a little complicated to set up, but it's easy to grasp.
posted by agropyron at 9:45 PM on March 15, 2005

I like Crazy Eights, for most of the reasons this guy gives.
posted by PY at 9:46 PM on March 15, 2005

Speed/Spit or Rummy 500.
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Strip poker - d'uh.
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If it can be any deck of cards, I'd recommend Fluxx. There are also Monopoly and Scrabble card games that are quite fun, even with only two.
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I haven't played in years, but I remember having tons of fun playing Casino. Great game!
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Gin (oldschool or 500 version) or cribbage are my personal favourites.
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*One* deck? Dunno. Fifty-Two Pick-Up?

Now, if the two people had, say, *three* decks, they could have a good time playing Spite and Malice, AKA Cat and Mouse.

I play a slightly different version from what's in either of those rule-sets, but hey.
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German Whist
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Palace. Best and most addictive game ever.
posted by hopeless romantique at 11:43 PM on March 15, 2005

I second German Whist, it was the first good 2 player card game I discovered and still my favorite.

Easy to pick up and a great mix of skill and gambling.
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Kings in the Corners, High Card (whoever pulls the best card from the deck wins!), Beggar your Neighbor (aka Egyptian rat screw), Heads-Up Texas Hold 'em, Indian style.
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Another vote for Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Style.
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I second Cribbage. You can even play without a board, though it's definitley much easier with.
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Clobyosh and Piquet are two of our favorites.
posted by Pattie at 6:25 AM on March 16, 2005

Cuarenta, a great (great) Ecuadoran card game for two or four people. The two player version is great. The rules take a bit of learning, but it's really pretty easy to play. I'm sure you could find rules online. I know there is a Palm version that could maybe teach you to play.
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Cuarenta rules.
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Third for cribbage. If you two are particularly competitive, be sure to use the "muggins" rule. (If one player fails to score points to which he is entitled, the other player can call "muggins" and claim those points for himself.)
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Another vote for both cribbage and casino. If you don't have a cribbage board, just keep score on paper.
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks for all the great suggestions! And keep them coming! :D
posted by sugarfish at 7:48 AM on March 16, 2005

I love the aforementioned Casino. Fun and strategic, and pretty easy to learn.
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Another vote for cribbage! And also California Jack. When my husband and I went to Africa for the Peace Corps we took a copy of Hoyle and made a point of learning a ton of two-person card games. California Jack was the best!
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Nth-ings for gin, german whist and cribbage. You don't need a board for cribbage, just remember that there are 121 points and the point before which you're skunked is (something I can't remember, and I hope I was right about 121 points--I haven't played in a while), and use paper and pen.
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I'm always looking for good 2-person cardgames - can't wait to read through these when time permits.
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Spite and Malice also works well with 2 decks. It's a great game.
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I second Cuarenta. And Honeymoon Bridge is another good one.
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