Fairfax City or County?
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Fairfax County or City of Fairfax? How do I know where I live?

I live in northern Virginia, but I'm at a loss to describe where. I used to live in a townhouse whose mailing address city was in Falls Church. I used the City of Falls Church's water service, but paid my property tax to Fairfax County (instead of the City of Falls Church). I have since moved to an apartment with a mailing address in Fairfax. I'm in the process of registering my new car, but I need to know where it should be registered; Fairfax County, or the City of Fairfax? I've looked online, but can't find anything that indicates if there's a way to tell which one is correct. Is there a map somewhere? Is there someone I can call?
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I'd actually call the agency with whom you are registering the car -- the DMV? to find out where to register it.

Re whether you do or don't live in City of Fairfax, the city itself should know and be able to tell you.

This comes up a fair amount for people who live in or near the "unincorporated" parts of counties, meaning the areas of counties that aren't yet formally incorporated into cities.
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Here is a Google Map with an overlay that shows the bounds of Fairfax City: http://www.zipmap.net/Virginia/Fairfax_city.htm
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Rule of thumb for most/many areas: Look at your house number. Three digits you're in the city. Four digits or more and you're in the country.

You can also look at a map: http://www.zipmap.net/Virginia/Fairfax_city.htm
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Your apartment management company should be able to tell you which jurisdiction you are in; check with the leasing office.

Alternatively, you can try checking the real estate assessment sites for the City of Fairfax and for Fairfax County. You'll want to enter just the building address, not your apartment number.
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Thanks, scarnato! I just looked my old house and if I'd have rented it out for just two years (just as real estate started to go up . . .)

Ah, spilt milk.

Looks like the OP has their answers - several of them.
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scarnato: "Your apartment management company should be able to tell you which jurisdiction you are in; check with the leasing office."

I can't believe I didn't even think about this. Ridiculously simple. The postal map is also very helpful.

Thanks for the answers, everyone!
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