Needed: Post-Summertime Eligible Dependent Care Expense Ideas
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YNMA, obviously... wife and I overestimated our dependent care expenses this a lot. I have to come up with valid expenses, for the remainder of 2010, that we can occur to cover 3K remaining in our account. Any ideas? We did the camp thing this summer, but ended up not signing up for a few of them from our original budget. Our son is in kindergarten at a private school, so we're past the time we can pay for tuition out of this account. PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks mefite nation!!!
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music lessons.
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Response by poster: Ohhhh...good one!
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Can you pre-pay his tuition at the private school for next year?

Sport lessons: ice skating, skiing, gynamistics, ballet. Few schools/activiites will refuse a pre-payment
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Response by poster: Tuition expenses are valid through PreK. Sports lessons...another good one!
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Can you not get reimbursed for tuition from this account?
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Go on a second honeymoon and leave your child with a trusted caregiver for as long as the money lasts.
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Did your son just start kindergarten now? If you've paid PreK tuition or other daycare at any time this calendar year, for care that occurred in this calendar year, out of another account, you can submit a reimbursement claim.

After-school programs, at his school or otherwise, should be covered as well.
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Best answer: Horseback riding? I don't know how old you have to be for that, though. It's just one of the experiences I've always wished I had under my belt, even if it had been as a little-kid experience.

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Oh, martial arts is another one.
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In our area there are hourly daycare places, like "Gimme a Break" where I live. You can use them as drop in babysitting for shopping, dates, days when the regular school is closed, etc. Ours let us bank up hours on account and use them as we need them. Definitely counts as daycare.
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Can you fix this problem by lowering or eliminating your DCA contribution? If your DCA is like mine, you can adjust your withholding once during the calendar year, then change it again during open enrollment in November or thereabouts.
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Best answer: umm, I think some of these suggestions are not going to be reimbursable activities. While aftercare and before care is eligible, I think you'd need to show that a weekend art camp or piano lessons are enabling you and your spouse to go to work. I have no idea how closely these are audited (either by the IRS or your administrator), but I wonder if a private piano teacher is willing to give you her SSN so that you can put her down as a childcare provider.

Check with your FSA administrator or HR department. One thing worse than losing up to $3k is paying for expensive lessons out of pocket on top of it.
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I'm late to the party, but you can find eligible expenses in IRS publication 503 (pdf). And if you have a change in your expenses during the year, your company might allow you to change what's being deducted.
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