Changing the name and address on an AT&T Premier account
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I am signed up for an AT&T Premier account through a family member. They get the bill, I pay them, they pay AT&T - though there's a huge run-around of waiting for them to tell me the amount, getting the money to them, waiting for them to pay the bill. The family member tells me that the discount is only in effect if everything on the account stays the same. Really? I figure that I can change the name and/or billing address (so that the bill comes directly to me) and nothing happens, as long as the email stays authenticated. Or am I mistaken?
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AT&T verifies that the account holder works for the partner company by seeing a copy of a pay stub. Therefore, the same name probably has to stay on the account. Although, looking at the AT&T wireless website, it looks like you can change the user information to reflect a different name in the primary user's profile.

I can confirm that you can freely change the billing address without any consequences (my wife and I have a Premier account from when we worked in Texas, we're now in Illinois).

Rather than changing the account info, can your family member enroll the account in automatic billing and have your credit card charged every month? I guess you'd probably have to change the billing address to reflect the new card, though.
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It actually isn't necessary to have the employee's name on the account if you sign up for Premier on the website. My SO's foundation account applies to spouses, family members, and domestic partners of the employee or separated employee. If your family member has a company-provided email address, you can sign up online and have it applied to your account.

My account is in my name, but I get the discount anyway.

If they won't let you do a change of responsibility and keep the Premier discount, do the change of responsibility, then have your family member use your wireless number and his/her email address at the at&t Premier activation page after they remove the discount from your account and change responsibility.

IIRC, they just send an email to the address provided and your family member can either forward you the email or click on the link themselves to verify. I forget what, if any, verification there is beyond clicking the link itself. (You may need the employee's SSN or something, it's been so many years since I've done it I don't remember)
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Oh, somehow I failed to mention that my billing address isn't the same as hers or even in the same state in which she is employed. I get the impression that as long as somebody clicks the link they don't do much, if any, verification.

It used to be possible to call up the business customer service line and have them apply any FAN you liked, whether you were eligible or not. Nobody checked. I think they quit doing that, though.
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