Piss On You, originally what?
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Was Dave Chapelle's R. Kelly "tribute" song, "Piss On You" based on an actual R. Kelly track?

I know that the "Piss On You, Remix" is based on "Ignition Remix", but I'm interested in the non-remix version.

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I'm not familiar with either song but for what it's worth, one of the R. Kelly 'personal' videos featured a girl urinating. P2P should turn it up without too much trouble. However, be forewarned that this may (or may not be) the one with the minor involved.
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The "remix" is based on the "Ignition" remix. I don't remember the beat to the "original".
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The original was based on "Bump and Grind," if I remember the beat right.
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the clip is online here. i'm not the biggest r. kelly fan but maybe someone else can tell.
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Best answer: By the leadup to the chorus, I'd assume it's Feelin' On Yo Booty:

Playas wanna play
Ballers wanna ball
Rollers wanna roll
But I'm taking all

which is similar to the "haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love, I don't even want, none of the above..." lyrics in "Piss on You."
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Response by poster: I think ALongDecember is on the right track, especially with the section that he's highlighted. Thanks!
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