Customizable geek schwag?
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I've recently trained a person in each of our branch offices into roles where they will be the IT Liaisons for the 40 or so people in that office. What should I get them for "graduation?"

Id like to get them something to signify their newfound expertise in computers to those around them, but I want to customize it with our logo. Shirts are out b/c I want it to be something people can see every day. (By the way, geekdom is relative. In this case we're talking Windows Basic and setting up printers. Makes you feel like a genius, right?)
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More seriously, I'd go with a fancy certificate they can display in their workspace, and even schlep to job interviews.

Or, semi-seriously, a hammer with your company logo on it. You, of course, would get a bigger hammer.

It is good to remember to laugh occasionally.
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Some computer-shaped stress ball or similar:

Computer "walker"

Computer "stress foam"

Both can be customized.
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I like QIbHom's suggestions ... Definitely do the certificate. Having formal IT training of -any- sort is a huge thing for your typical office-monkey.

I personally also like the idea of a big foam hammer. (Which you can make yourself out of commonly available hardware store foam) A wizard's cap would work, as would anything else cute in that category that they can use to separate themselves from the standard office-monkey in the zoo that is your branch offices... and put on a resume and performance reviews.
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If you'd rather emphasize usability rather than visibility, how about giving each person a decently large capacity USB key drive? All of the IT people I know who don't already have one tend to appreciate getting them! Somebody somewhere probably is willing to put your logo on them, I'd guess!
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Foam Hammers
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A trouble ticket.
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how about giving each person a decently large capacity USB key drive?

I second this. Fun, useful, not too spendy, easily wearable/visible/customizable, says "geeky" in a nice way. Also, the certificate idea is a good one.
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A bottle of Everclear with a sticker on it that reads "WELCOME TO HELL - YOU WILL NEED THIS".

Yes, I'm being serious.
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how about something from think geek?
Network Security Staff Tshirt
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Agree with the idea of framed certificates that are cube-hangable.

But you might also consider making them a little edible gift basket too. People love getting gift baskets, and you could throw them together pretty easily. Do something like a silly geeky coffee cup filled with computer shaped lollipops or a stack of chocolate CDs on a spindle.
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Add in a little laminated wallet-card with your home phone number and the relevant numbers for your technical support vendors.
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