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Pre-Paid Wireless Internet options (3G, 4G, ??) in Reno, NV

I'm looking for a reasonably priced, decent coverage wireless internet (pre-paid) in Reno, NV. I just need a USB stick, no mifi etc. I'm wondering what typical speeds are like, and what carriers offer it (I'm currently in Australia - not familiar with all the carriers in the US.)
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Best answer: The USA doesn't have great prepaid wireless options. Of the two GSM carriers, AT&T offers 100MB for $20, and T-Mobile has no prepaid option.

In the CDMA world, Virgin Mobile has unlimited traffic for $40/month prepaid, which might be your best option. No idea on speeds.
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Best answer: Check out Virgin Mobile's Broadband2Go. One of the options is a USB stick. According to the coverage map, Reno is covered.

I'm not sure AT&T or Verizon or T-Mobile offer USB sticks/"laptop connectivity" on their prepaid plans. Prepaid is not as prevalent in the US as other countries.
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Cricket offers pay as you go wireless in Reno & LV
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