How to make an epub from multiple PDFs?
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I want to create an epub file from several existing PDFs. What software can I use for this?

I have a boatload of PDFs--each one a Shakespeare play--and I want to put it all on one (or perhaps two) epub file for easy viewing on my Nook. I'd prefer to have a hyperlinked table of contents so I don't have to hunt for each play; I'm thinking the total number of pages is well over 1,000, so scrolling through page by page sounds like a pain.

Any ideas? I'm using Calibre but don't think it can create an epub like this.
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1) Merge PDFs.
2) PDF to EPUB.
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Exactly what l33tpolicywonk said.
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Response by poster: thanks, but what about the hypertext table of contents?
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Perhaps Sigil? Bit of a long-shot, perhaps.
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I don't have an answer for you and don't know what a nook is, but are you aware that most of Shakespeare's stuff is available free from the iTunes store? Not sure if it's an epub but if a nook will read files from iTunes, you might want to check it out.
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Indeed -- I doubt there is a tool that can convert a PDF to anything but the most horrible ePub. But there are a number of other ways to get Shakespeare's plays. For instance, The Gutenberg Project.
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