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Inspired by this post, I'm looking for some recommendations on video artists to check out or resources that compile the work of video artists.

I really like this type of goofy campy stuff. I also like music videos. I own all of the Director's Series DVDS plus the music video collections of both Beastie Boys and Peter Gabriel, and the Amination Show DVDs. Some other visual goodness I like: Ren and Stimpy, Tim and Eric, Superjail, basically short-form, sort of absurd stuff. Throw your reccomendations at me, art people!
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From a video-mash-up perspective, not so campy but short-form and absurd anyway:
Concrete TV (sex drugs rock & roll violence and the 80's)
Larry Carlson (weird psychedelia)
People Like Us (not as aggro or weird)
Emergency Broadcast Network (Like Concrete TV but with a beat)
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Response by poster: Thanks, keep 'em coming. For more reference points, I also like Look Around You, Everything is Terrible, Upright Citizen's Brigade, Liquid Television, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, and Wondershowzen.
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It may be far more arty than you want but UbuWeb's Film and Video section is great.
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