I want to play MarioKart for N64 or Gamecube tonight in NYC - what can I do?
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My college roommate is visiting me in NYC this weekend, and I want to play some Kart like the good 'ole days. Where in NYC (preferably Manhattan) can I go to rent a copy of MarioKart for N64 or Gamecube, along with three controllers and the base system?
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If you can't find a place to rent one, I bet you could get a pretty good deal on buying a system with all those things on Craigslist. There are several listed around NYC right now that include at least one controller and Mario Kart. :D

Then flip it on CL when you're done :)
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I think Jinkeez has the right suggestions. There are several N64 emulators around as well that run on the original XBox as well as the computer. That might be a good last resort... just remember it's not exactly legal.
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I have a gamecube, MK, and 3 controllers. If all else fails you could maybe borrow them? Memail me if you want to discuss.
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I believe it's something you can download from the Wii virtual console, if you have access to a Wii.
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You can download those games through the Wii, but if you really want to go old school I saw a Gamecube on sale today at Book Off for $40. Video Games NYC will also have vintage systems and games, but they'll be a hefty price.
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