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What can I do, aside from the obvious, with fifteen gray, six-foot PC power cables?

There's a box of extra ones downstairs that are free for the taking. There's gotta be something cool I can do with them other than power fifteen PCs. Hive mind?
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You could braid and loop them into some kind of uber-nerdy art to hang on the wall.
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What vytae said. I was thinking you could make one heck of a Flying Spaghetti Monster with those!
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You might not have enough to weave into a hammock, but you could probably do a smaller sling chair.

Or hold a Speed cabling competition.

Or make A dress

Also, if you might find that a tub full of soapy warm water is a good idea before working with the cables too much. Unless you like random sticky bits of filth all over everything.
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Best answer: Make a real life electric jellyfish!
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Response by poster: Awesome, niles! I think what I'm going to try to do is make a sort of lamp out of it, with a LED or something going on each cable and the whole mess going to a cheap-ish power strip.

Now, does anyone know of any cheap plug-in LEDs?
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Well, LEDs need DC, and what'll be coming out of your wall is AC. Most LED lighting set ups (Like this ikea one) run back to a DC converter box.

It can be done, if your soldering skills are up to the task. I don't think there are any commercially produced products that would allow you to plug it into a 3-pronged wall socket.
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