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I enjoy Ken Rockwell's photography website. Can you recommend similar ones?

Ken Rockwell's website has been really helpful to me in thinking about photography.

Can you recommend similar websites?

I am not really looking for technical information about digital cameras, nor collections of photographs.

I'm interested in articles about what makes an image look good, thoughts on composition, color, how to use lighting, etc.
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Best answer: How about Scott Bourne's Photofocus site?
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Best answer: Strobist (about lighting)
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Best answer: I'm glad to see another Ken Rockwell fan here, since there seem to be so many haters all over the internet. No other site I've ever encountered is quite like his.

You might enjoy the following:

The Online Photographer
The Visual Science Lab
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There are a lot of haters, because he's not really a "photographer", his site is mostly a gear review site, his is the most popular without offering too much information.

I visit his site once every couple of weeks for info on new gear, but I don't listen to him too closely. In one breath, he says he never leaves the house with anything but his D40, then he will say he only shoots medium format, then he says the D700 is all you'll ever need. He contradicts himself in favor of page views. I have no problem with his success, in fact I envy it. is very good. Strobist is also excellent.
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Best answer: I like The Luminous Landscape
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Anytime you're looking for website recommendations, the first place to start is almost always Delicious.

Count me as another one with mixed feelings about Ken Rockwell. He gives good advice for beginners, and his hardware reviews are generally excellent (although he tends not to update them often enough). But he's also a bigtime blowhard, prone to contradictory statements, needless hyperbole, and pointless political posts. The haters tend to hate a little too much, but it's not entirely undeserved.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the good recs, folks. Had no idea Rockwell was a divisive figure. Will be good to dive into this other stuff soon.
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