I remember the poster - but which movie was it?
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Help me settle a long-running debate by identifying which horror movie had the following poster: A night scene, outdoors, I think moonlit. Hand drawn. In the centre of the poster a girl is running away from the viewer, down a path between two stone walls. Emerging from the walls on both sides are hands which are grabbing out at her. I last saw it around 1986. Any ideas?
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You might try looking at IMP Awards site. I took a quick look at 1986 and didn't see anything that fit that description.
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When I first read the question I would have bet it was Labyrinth. But although the movie has a scene with hand-covered walls, and a poster with a girl running down a path outside in the moonlight, it doesn't seem to be exactly what you're looking for.
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Look through the year-by-year archive at the Brimstone Pit to see if anything fits--unfortunately, not every movie has a poster in the entry.
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Not a poster, and not an exterior, but Repulsion has a scene like that, where Catherine Deneuve is grabbed by hands coming out of walls as she walks between them.
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Sorry this is so late, but is it Die Sister, Die?
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yes - that was it! (i was wrong about the girl, she was running towards the viewer). thanks crepes, and all for your responses.
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