Yahoo Mail - Direct link to Inbox
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Yahoo Mail - Direct link to Inbox

When I go to Yahoo Mail ( etc.), it shows a general information screen with a link to the Inbox. I then must click the Inbox link to get to my messages.

The URL doesn't change when I go to my messages, so I can't change it in the browser Properties dialogue to go directly to the message list.

Is there a workaround that lets me click on the Yahoo Mail bookmark and go directly to my Inbox?
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Best answer: Yes, I do this. I use Firefox and have installed Greasemonkey [sounds difficult but it is not difficult] and then a script called Yahoo Mail Classic Direct to Inbox. When you go to Yahoo Mail it will basically take you from that page to the actual Inbox page.
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Response by poster: jessamyn -

I installed Greasemonkey and downloaded the script. I then exited Firefox, reopened it and clicked on the link to Yahoo Mail, but it went to the general information screen as before.

What more do I need to do?
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It's possible the script doesn't work if you're not using Yahoo Classic [i.e. the older interface to Yahoo Mail and not the newer one]. I don't use Yahoo Mail regularly, but now that I've logged in, it seems like this script doesn't work anymore. Sorry to have steered you wrong, I'll poke around and see if there's another one that does work. I know it's a picky detail but, like you, I'd love to just log in and see my mail.
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Yahoo Mail Welcome Skipper also seems to not work. Hmm, this is really weird. Sorry for bad advice.
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