Is Great Journalism Every Day Possible?
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Blogs or sites devoted to great reporting/essays/journalism?

I am greatly indebted to Dances With Sneetches for doing the heavy lifting in finding internet sources for a book series on great crime writing. But I wonder if there are any blogs or websites that are devoted entirely to such finds.

Not necessarily crime writing, but the great reportage often found from the New Yorker and the Atlantic to the small alt-weeklies. Again, not necessarily about crime, but...well anything really.

I remember seeing a post on the blue about a twitter account devoted to such, but I can't find it now and I recall at the time noting it was infrequently updated.
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Best answer: I half-heartedly suggest Gang Grey. I stopped reading it a few years back because I thought their choices were a little too twee. But it is supposedly a collection of good narrative journalism and the Nieman Narrative Conference crowd used to talk about it a lot, so I'll let you judge for yourself. Meanwhile, the other suggestions in this post are new to me, and I'm grateful to see them.
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This one from a CNAS analyst is one of my favorite reads right now
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Best answer: There are a couple of sites that have collected links to collections, which are not the same as an updating blog, but they have a ton of stuff:

Best American Science Writing (collected by a Mefite)
The Best Magazine Article Ever

There is also Give Me Something to Read.
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Best answer: All the above, but the obligatory shout-out to Arts and Letters Daily.
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Best answer: Here's something I posted on my blog a few weeks ago. Copied and pasted for speed; I'm not sure if the formatting will hold.
Unfortunately, these lists are all pretty limited to American journalism. But armed with those lists, you should have several years worth of reading material. Reading on a screen is never fun, though, and you could probably go broke on the printer ink alone. Nothing beats the printed page, but there are a few tools (Readability, Instapaper, Read It Later) that will make electronic reading less of a pain.
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Whoops...looks like the apostrophes got messed up. Wherever there's a "8217;" imagine an apostrophe.
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