Ubuntu compatible, Audible playing mp3 player.
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I'm looking for an mp3 player that allows me to drag and drop music without the need of software that works with Ubuntu and can play back Audible DRM'ed files. Budget of £100.
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No native Linux support for Audible, but if already have access to Audible content, Audible has a compatibility checker, and Anything But iPod's comparison feature includes Audible as a potential audio playback format. Creative are a pretty reliable brand, with a number of different models.
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Last time I tried, Audible didn't get along with linux, though you never know if the WINE guys has gotten it working by now.

Just about any player out there should be able to do the drag and drop, it's usually just a setting in the player.
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The Sansa Clip + meets all of that criteria, and is pretty universally regarded as a high-quality portable source as well. Currently going for £42 on amazon.co.uk
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Best answer: Also: for drag-and-drop linux support, you are looking to ensure the device uses USB MSC or Mass Storage Class.
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