Can an iphone make me cool?
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How can I control my a/c from my phone?

So it's hot here in Texas. And it's especially hot when I get home after work and the a/c has been off all day. I would like to set up a system so that I can turn my a/c on half an hour before I get home. I could just get a timer system, but the time when I get home from work varies. What would I need to build a system that I could control remotely?

I have central air, so just one big unit outside with a control in the hallway. I don't have a ton of experience in the skill sets needed for this, but I'd be willing to learn.
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You can get a thermostat that is designed for this and has an app, such as this one or this one (both found through a cursory google search). There are probably others.
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Look at Insteon from Allows you to install a thermostat and control it and other devices from any web enabled device.
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If you've got a landline at home, you could go for this very cheap option that also works when you forget your iPhone: an X10 switch controlling the air conditioner, and a phone responder. All of this stuff is incredibly cheap on eBay, and a cinch to set up.
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Honeywell makes programmable thermostats that learn how long it takes to get your house cool/warm and then have the house at 68 degrees at 5 o'clock (or some other time/temp combo) regardless of what the temperature inside was. Highly recommended if you come home at the same time everyday.
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