How can I burn these .Mod files?
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I have some.MOD video files (each one about 2 hrs long) that need to be burned on to a disc, stat. Windows Media players burner says it will not fit, even though the file is only 3.7 gigs and the disc can hold 4.7 gigs. When I put a DVD-R in the drive and try to drag the .MOD files into the file, it won't allow it. How can I get these videos on a DVD-R ASAP?

I know nothing of computers. Thank you so much. Also, is there a way to fit all 4 of these 2-hour long videos on one disc?
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You might find this tutorial on burning .MOD files to DVD helpful.
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I've had trouble with DVD-R discs...try using a DVD-RW disc, those seem to work much better.
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There are problems with files greater than 2GB and ISO 9660 filesystems. The usual workaround is to burn the disk with the UDF filesystem instead of 9660. If your current burning program doesn't support UDF, find one that does. Nero for example has a free 15 day trial version that you can download. (Note: this assumes that you want to burn these files as a data disk, not convert them to MPEG2 and burn them as a DVD playable in normal DVD players.)
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The .MOD files from my video cam are actually MPEG2 (.MPG) files. I've had success burning them to DVD, as DVD-playbacks, by just renaming, then sometimes splitting the files. They usually need to be a gigabyte or smaller in order to play correctly.
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